Bespoke Creations

“I love designing pieces that are desired. My passion is driven by letting my clients be part of the journey, from the design stage as they witness the excitement of their individual dream piece evolve from an idea to a drawing then the finished piece. This path creates a unique bond that is timeless as the jewellery itself.”


As a designer, Heidi is inspired by beauty, romance and connection and she harnesses her artistry and skills to create unique life-long pieces.

These pieces can been born from jewellery with sentimental value or new gems and metals.

She works one-on-one with you to absorb the intended sentiment. Then designs an individual piece with an emotional link that is solely yours and everlasting.

From bespoke to one-off pieces Heidi uses existing or sources desired materials – gemstones, diamonds and metals – or a combination of both, needed for your ultimate piece.

Following her passion for exquisite jewellery with beautiful emotional bonds, she assures all her materials are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe.

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