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Bespoke Creations

“I love designing pieces that are desired. My passion is driven by letting you  be part of the journey, from the design stage as you witness the excitement of your individual dream piece evolve from an idea to a drawing then the finished piece. This path creates a unique bond that is timeless as the jewellery itself.”



For many years, Heidi has created exquisite pieces to suit different dreams and budgets. Some have been new pieces; others replicates; and many nostalgic, inherited or estate jewellery remodelled to suit different styles, tastes and personalities. 

Most of us own jewellery that evokes some special moment or occasion. The piece, from a family member or special friend that is imprinted with everlasting emotions or reminds us of love, loss or celebrations. No matter what the jewellery, it has its own story.

What is in your jewellery box? Are there pieces that no longer “spark joy” and tucked away or not worn in your collection? Maybe they could be turned into an exquisite piece for you to wear, love and create a unique emotional bond. 

Heidi loves making these connections with people and jewellery, creating new stories or continuing journeys, with pieces that are special and desired by the wearer and the next generation – treasured jewels.


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From sketch to finished piece.
Desires become reality

Janine scrap gold Nov 17

What is in your jewellery box you no longer wear, out dated or broken?

Imagine what you can create that is uniquely your from all your old pieces.


Having an idea can be a style or just a gemstone. Working with clients and their ideas is also taking a journey to create that memento that represents an occasion that lasts a life time.