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Heidi Plentinger

“I want to help keep alive the love for exquisite jewellery that reflects beauty, romance and connection. By entwining your story, gems and metals into a much-loved, worn and precious piece.”


Collective Designs is inspired by beauty, romance and connection. It starts with the allure of the story, new and treasured gems and metals that are passionately crafted into exquisite pieces to wear, love and create a unique emotional bond.

Founder Heidi Plentinger is passionate about this connection between jewellery and people. Especially the emotional link, usually romance, that creates a bond with the piece that is everlasting and can continue for generations.

With this in mind, she created Collective Designs to connect you with your jewellery and create ultimately-desired pieces you will fall in love with again and again. 

As a designer, Heidi harnesses her artistry and skills to create unique life-long pieces. These pieces can be created from jewellery with nostalgic value or new gems and materials. 

She works one-on-one with you to absorb the intended sentiment. Then designs an individual piece with an emotional link that is solely yours and everlasting.

Following her passion for exquisite jewellery with beautiful emotional bonds, she assures all her materials are ethically sourced from reputable suppliers across the globe.

Heidi’s jewellery journey started more than three decades ago in the family store. She fell in love with the industry, as it was a way to express her creative side as a dancer and artist. This discovery continued as Heidi worked across every aspect of the industry from retail to wholesale to design in Australia and overseas.

Along the way, she completed several courses from jewellery drawing to gemmology including the GIA Colour Grading Certificate. With such an overarching background, Heidi decided to bring her expertise, skills and passion together and established Collective Designs.


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