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Gabrielle Bruni

Having been born in Hong Kong, the jewellery and fashion epicentre of the Far East. Gabrielle developed an early interest in jewellery design. Formally trained at the Pforzheim (Germany) where as an apprentice goldsmith she created pieces that earned many accolades. Gabrielle continued studying in Switzerland under the watchful eye of some of Europe's top designs and earned her the title of Master Jeweller.

Having mastered the art of making gold and silver jewellery Gabrielle continued her education in diamonds and coloured gemstones at the Gemological Institute of America and began her career as a designer and product development co-ordinator with a famous Swiss jewellery band.

Gabrielle established her own design studio and workshop in 1998 and eventually setup the company Gabrielle Bruni which now employs many skilled designers and jewellers all contributing to Gabrielle's prime passion and commitment of producing unique and uncomprimising designs whilst maintaining the very highest standards and quality.