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The B.Tiff Story

Since 1999 the masterpieces of B.Tiff New York have defined unique style and celebrated the world's greatest love stories. The designers visualised jewellery to be both imaginative and state of the art technology. We use a revolultionary technique called Tension Setting

Our unique appearance and textures differentiates our jewellery from others and we offer a new style that combines impeccable function with a distinct appearance, a type of jewellery that is about a job for each life and timeless beauty.

While stainless steel is commonly for making numerous industrial and medical materials because of it's undeniable strength and safety, it is also a great material for creating beautiful fine jewellery. It is rust proof, holds up against decay and damage and is virtually impossible to scratch. So many people who cannot wear jewellery due to their allergies to different metals can wear surgical stainless steel because it is completely hypoallergenic.