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About Us

Collective Designs is inspired by beauty, romance and connection. It starts with the allure of the gems and metals that are passionately crafted into exquisite pieces that move people to posses them and create a unique emotional bond.

This tale of creation and emotion is Collective Designs’ essence. Curator Heidi Plentinger is passionate about this unique connection between jewellery and people. Especially the emotional link, usually romance, that creates a bond with the piece that is ever lasting. For Collective Designs, she sources collections and pieces that you can fall in love with as a designer, jeweller, wholesaler, retailer or customer.

From the funky New York stainless steel and sterling silver artistry ranges to Milan’s Misani with its quality silver works of art that express individuality, Collective Designs is a collaboration of small collections and pieces that resonate style, creativity and uniqueness. On her travels, Heidi is always on the hunt for more precious pieces, especially for her collection, Individ, which consists of custom-made designs with rare stones or unusual motifs.

Her jewellery journey, started more than three decades ago in the family store. She found the industry was a way to express her creative side as a dancer and artist. Heidi continued this discovery and worked across every aspect from retail to wholesale to design in Australia and overseas. Along the way, she completed several courses from jewellery design to gemmology including the GIA Colour Grading Certificate, curated the final De Beers Collection in Australia, worked with Peter Gerrard, Nic Cerrone, Makers Mark Gallery and established the Mark Milton Australian presence.

With such an overarching industry background, Heidi decided to bring her expertise and skills together to create Collective Designs, filled with unique and niche stories to reintroduce individuality back into independent-owned stores. She wanted to bring distinctiveness into their businesses and expand their ranges beyond standard bread and butter lines. With her hands-on experience, passion and warmth, Heidi is also able to support owners and employees to convey the emotion of each piece through creative displays, sales and relationships with customers to help ignite their love for exquisite jewellery.

In her words: “I pass my industry knowledge onto my customers and through selling Collective Designs – beautiful jewellery from individual pieces and small collections – that reflect beauty, romance and connection”.